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Garage Door Service in Middletown, CT

Garage Door Repair of Middletown, CT is your reliable garage door service and repair team. We can help you out with garage door tune-ups, safety inspections, new door installations, and a variety of other garage door services. We’re happy to help you out here in Middletown, Connecticut.

Reduce Your Need for Repairs with Tune-Ups

Taking care of your garage door can help extend the life of your door and ensure your door is working reliably. We recommend having professional garage door tune-ups once a year to make sure your door is working efficiently. During a tune-up, we’ll lubricate everything to cut down on friction and wear.

We’ll also inspect everything and test out your entire system to make sure all the parts are working together correctly. If one small part is off then it will wear down the rest of your system and cause unexpected breaks.

We Can Add Value to Your Home

Upgrading your garage door is an easy way to add value to your home. If you were to sell your home, it would not only sell faster but it would also sell for more money. We partner with several of the top names in the industry to provide you with a large variety of beautiful, quality new doors.

You can choose from a variety of material options such as wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and custom options. You can also customize the hardware and color options of most doors. We also offer professional new door installation to make sure your garage door is installed safely and correctly.

How You Can Prevent Garage Door Injuries

Most garage door injuries can be prevented by professional safety inspections. During a safety inspection, we’ll go over a few of the following:

  • We’ll take a look at your warning labels to make sure you can still read them and that they’re placed where required
  • We’ll inspect your rollers to make sure they aren’t worn down since worn rollers can cause your door to pop off the tracks
  • We’ll test your safety features to make sure they’re still working in case of an emergency
  • We’ll also test your overall door operation to make sure it’s working correctly
  • We’ll ensure your wall mount switch is mounted high enough to be out of the reach of children

With all the use a garage door receives, we recommend having a safety inspection done once a year.

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Garage Door Repair of Middletown, CT is eager to help you out with your garage door. Our team enjoys serving our community here in Middletown, Connecticut. Chat with our knowledgeable team today to schedule your appointment!

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